WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

February 22nd, 2016 at 2:10am

Black will always be the new black and neutral colors will always be in style. It’s a matter of fact. Many people strive to dress in statement black and neutral colors as it’s safe and chic while trying to survive the current East Coast winter. If you’re tired of wearing your comfy high school hoodies for class, it’s time to stop the nostalgia and kick it up a notch. This Fashionista completely nails the comfortable chic look that will make others wonder how you make it through the day and still end up looking fabulous.

Here’s how this Fashionista did it: her warm camel colored coat layered with a thick cozy gray infinity scarf is the direction to take, when trying to brace the brisk temperature always wear warm layers. Her black sleek shoes give great height and depict just the right amount of comfort walking from building to building and around the city. I love how instead of dressing in all black she wore a black and white striped sweater, adding a sophisticated touch that appeals to the eye. Hey, one’s got to take risks, right! No matter how small.

One Simple Change: Done with class and ready to hang with the gals? Transition your outfit from day to night by adding a pop of color or statement pieces. It’s all in the aesthetic! As far as accessories, wear a bold scarf or a long necklace with a couple of bracelets to add edge to your ensemble. Or, easily throw on a pair of booties!


  • Caroline Dilone

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