WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Winter is in full effect! As the days sink below thirty degrees and snowstorms hit multiple states across the country, we have to dress for the weather. Us fashionable folk want to look good no matter what the weather conditions are like. Harsh weather should not harsh our vibes of staying fly. I have been incredibly impressed with the style I’ve seen in the chilly new year. From long wool coats to unique puffers and parkas and super cute boots, the cold weather will not get the best of our fashion prowess.

Winter ready Fashionistas, like this one, make being a Style Guru easy as pie. I was initially drawn to the military green coat; it is thick enough to keep warm yet light enough to allow easy and free movement. Her earth-toned Dr. Martens are a necessary shield from the elements. She can strut over the snow like she’s working the runway. The gold watch keeps her on time, while the floral print backpack is filled with items necessary to have a fashionable day of class in the this winter weather.

One Simple Change: The outfit is definitely winter ready. This cool floral print backpack is perfect for a day of classes. To change this outfit from rad rags for school to an edgy outfit for running errands add a dynamic tote, hobo or shoulder bag. This bag is big enough to hold all the essentials, quick snacks as you move about your day and some items you picked up that you had your eye on.