WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

February 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

Despite crossing my fingers and stomping my feet in a child-like tantrum, winter has unfortunately arrived. This, to my dismay, includes temperatures that make escaping your bed an undisputed challenge every morning, and outfit coordination much harder than the days of cut-offs and Converse. After donning layer after layer of sweaters, coats and scarves, I tend to feel like Ralphie’s younger brother in The Christmas Story—“I can’t put my arms down.” This Fashionista, however, finds ways to stay bundled, while still looking like a chic, effortless, New England academic.

Starting with a classic winter staple of a flannel and layering it under a cream cable knit sweater, this Fashionista is able to keep in the warmth while battling the imminent bulk. She topped this off with a red L.L.Bean coat with corduroy cuffs. In a season of gloom and on a campus where a sea of black coats maneuver the sidewalks on their way to class or the library, this Fashionista stands out and brings back the cheer. The statement piece in this outfit however, is her plaid scarf. Mimicking the color of her coat and creating texture with its fringe, this scarf serves more purposes than you’d imagine. It can be wrapped to protect against the winter winds, thrown down on a bench to watch the lacrosse game or used as a sofa throw in your apartment to give your living room a festive face lift.

One Simple Change: Although this outfit is a cold weather staple, it could easily be taken out of the attic much earlier to make its debut during fall. Trade in the heavy coat for a simple denim jacket and this Fashionista has a stylish outfit for a chilly October night at a soccer game or perusing through the apple orchards with the roommates.