WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

With snow finally present in the Northeast, we can all finally whip out our snow boots and cold weather gear and sadly put away our favorite fall staples until next season. Only a few months delayed, but it’s finally starting to feel like winter! This being said, it can sometimes be tough figuring out what to wear to brace the elements outside, while not overheating and arriving at our warm, inside destinations looking like a sweaty mess in need of shedding layers. This Fashionista sports a solution to this issue, and does so quite stylishly. Her answer: a cape.

We find this Fashionista wearing an oversized, black wool cape. It has a satin lining and fun, exaggerated sleeves, the factor that makes this cape a coat. What does this mean for our cold weather bearing Fashionista? Wool is a great insulator, but the satin lining and oversized quality will keep the cape from getting too cozy to her body and keep her from overheating, like many coats do. This also makes this the perfect outerwear for all stages of winter and early spring. It’s not too warm to wear when it’s a warmer winter day, and not too light to wear on a much colder day.

Here, this Fashionista is seen on a colder day and tops her cape off with a loose woven, plaid scarf, a great pop of color for her dark, outer ensemble. She sports black, knee-high boots with leg warmers peeking over the top. Beneath her winter wear is a lighter ensemble. She also wears minimal accessories, sporting a multitude of bracelets, and this allows her scarf to be her most prominent accessory.

One Simple Change: On a cooler, early spring day, as mentioned earlier, this cape can still come in handy! By losing the scarf, switching out the knee-high boots to cute ankle booties, and leaving the cape unbuttoned, our Fashionista can transform for a cool, spring day. Beneath, she could even swap out the pants for a cute mini skirt and dark tights! This Fashionista is ready for all weather from the low 10’s to the mid 60’s!