WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

February 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

We all know what it feels like to get up early on a freezing winter morning and completely dread getting out of bed. Even more, we hate thinking about what we are going to wear. I can relate to being so tempted by sweatpants and fuzzy socks for my 8:00 a.m., and I have to admit that I give in sometimes. But, I am going to show you how to keep warm and look good doing it this February.

This Fashionista takes on the cold with a navy and red stripped peacoat and knee-high boots (this way there is little room for that cold air to sneak in). She pairs it with navy leggings and a red tunic dress with crochet details on the neckline and sleeves underneath.

This Fashionista takes her outfit to a new level with her adorable, bow tie gloves. These 97 cent gloves from Walmart received a whole new look when this Fashionista took two baby blue bows and attached them to the wrist of the gloves. Next, she took a pair of broken earrings and attached them to the middle of the bows. This completely transformed the look of the gloves, not to mention how it ties together with the outfit. It is her simple touches she added that make this outfit stand out and obviously adorable.

One Simple Change: Just finished classes and ready to start the weekend? Take this outfit from day to night by simpley switching the boots with a pair of heels!