WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

As the new semester begins, students are slowly getting back into their busy schedules. For most students, the Happy Valley weather is making it a littler bit harder to make that 8:00 a.m. With the temperature below freezing and snow on the ground, it’s typical to see the attendance in class lacking, but also students in oversized but warm clothing. However, this Fashionista shows that you can make that 8 a.m. in cold weather, but still have style to take on the chilly day.

This edgy yet practical outfit is perfect for the cold weather and is even comfy to sit through a lecture in. At Penn State, you better make sure you have winter boots, but who said they had to be ugly? These leather boots are so cute with the tan, black and white colors and can even work in the rain! Ripped jeans have been a huge fashion trend, but in the cold weather who wants to bear all the skin. These jeans are perfect because they have the ripped effect, but a dark wash behind the rip so your legs still stay warm!

Everyone loves a graphic T-shirt and this one rocks the iconic band, The Beatles. It is comfy and lightweight for being in class and is super rad. A staple piece all students should have is a fur-line parka. This honey color is perfect to stand out on campus. One item that can add extra warmth is an oversized plaid scarf. This maroon and gray color block has great contrast with the jacket. Oh, but you can’t forget about jewelry! You need to have some arm candy and rings to complete the edgy look. This Fashionista loves going to the State College boutiques to find her unique jewelry.

One Simple Change: Just finished classes for the day but have to run errands? Switch out the parka for a lighter option like a flannel. Running around stores can become hot, but you can still stay stylish and more mobile with a flannel!