WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

January 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

As the song says, “baby it’s cold outside” and don’t we know it. The sudden drop in temperature was not the highlight of my week but made this outfit immediately come to my mind. Now that its cold, I guess we can officially say it is the season of winter.

With the arrival of the cold weather comes the arrival of the thick scarves just as this Fashionista is wearing. Thick scarves are amazing because they double as the sense of warmth as well as a fashion statement. For the ear warmers, we chose to go the headband route, but the use of ear warmers does not always have to be in headband form. Getting a pair of bright color ear warmers can add a pop of color to an outfit if there isn’t already one. Finally, the boots are a key point of this Fashionista’s outfit. The color of the boots goes very well with the color of the scarf; It also adds a nice contrast with the dark jeans and dark coat that she is wearing. The use of the knee high boots is a great way to use them to separate the outfit so it doesn’t look too dark. Any lighter color of boots would have caused this outfit to feel too disconnected.

One Simple Change: If it gets too warm, lose the ear warmers and add a headband with a little sparkle. Just that small amount of sparkle will make this perfect for a Girl’s Night Out.