WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

January 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Do you ever feel like cold weather totally cramps your style? Those freezing temperatures require piling on as many warm things as possible until the result is similar to that of Ralphie’s younger brother in A Christmas Story (if you haven’t watched it, you need to). Fashionistas/os like myself dread those freezing winter months where it seems impossible to maintain any kind of fashion sense. Although looking cute in the cold seems like a hopeless situation, this Fashionista has proven it is possible to keep your winter attire fun and stylish.

The key to this Fashionista’s outfit is she wasn’t afraid to don bright colors. So many people tend to stick to dark and neutral colors in the winter, which end up just adding to the drab mood that winter has sometimes. Her red orange peacoat is the perfect pop of color and shows she isn’t afraid to stick out in a crowd. She paired it with a rainbow knit scarf which gives this look a fun and uplifting vibe. The scarf is not only a great accessory, but it helps to keep her warm in the winter.

Her winter accessories are really what make this outfit. If you look extra close at her gray beanie, it has a nice Wisconsin touch with the Coors Light logo on the tag. It’s a funny and quirky little statement that adds character to a simple winter hat. However, you can’t forget about her adorable mittens. The cute wool patterned mittens match perfectly with her coat and keep her hands warm for a day outside.

For the bottom portion of her outfit, this Fashionista went with some black pants paired with wool socks, a must-have for those long days walking around outside. Her Sperry Top-Siders boots are the ultimate shoe to trudge through snow and ice. They are stylish and cute while still being waterproof, lightweight and comfortable.

One Simple Change: Change out the Sperry Top-Siders and wool socks for a heeled bootie. Then, take off the beanie for a more sophisticated look which is perfect for a girl’s night out.