WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

January 12th, 2016 at 2:10am

Oh the weather outside is certainly frightful—frightfully cold, anyway.  Now that winter is well under way, dressing fashionably may be far off the priority list for some.  More than likely, you are wanting to spend the winter curled up under a fuzzy blanket, sporting your favorite sweatpants and matching university sweatshirt.  However, though the winter brings unbearably cold weather for those of us living in the Midwest, it is still possible to be cute while maintaining an optimal level of coziness.

This Fashionista proves that chic and cozy can go hand-in-hand through this particular winter outfit.  She is wearing a soft gray turtleneck, dark wash skinny jeans, uber-fashionable Michael Kors boots and a festive burgundy peacoat.  Every element of this outfit makes it the perfect example of winter wear.  The gray turtleneck is heavy enough to keep you warm this winter and is perfect for a day when you feel like skipping out on the scarf.  We all know that the warmer a coat is, the more it seems to resemble a marshmallow.  However, this burgundy peacoat gives this particular look a pop of color while also working to keep this Fashionista warm.  The peacoat is also a more stylish substitute for the typical heavy, puffy winter coats most Iowans have to sport throughout the entirety of winter.  Additionally, these waterproof Michael Kors boots are sure to keep your feet dry as you trudge through the slush and snow on the way to class.

One Simple Change: If you want to transform this look from dealing with the cold weather to attending girl’s night out, add a statement necklace to dress up the turtleneck and swap out the Michael Kors winter boots for a pair of high-heeled, trendy booties.  These few changes will advance the look from running errands or heading to class in the cold to hitting up downtown with your girlfriends. Just because we’re living in a winter wonderland doesn’t mean we can’t look adorable.