WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s March. There’s still snow on the ground. I have almost fallen on the ice about 300 times while walking to class. I had to have some guys push my car out of my parking spot because it wouldn’t move in reverse. College kids up here in the Northeast: I know that you know what I’m talking about here.

While the last few weeks have been a little bit miserable (although I can’t complain about classes being cancelled), it looks like warmth and sunshine may finally be on the horizon. Spring is mere days away, but we know that cold days may still pop up here and there. This Fashionista is someone who is closing out the season in style.

A long, knee-length coat has been absolutely necessary for the kind of winter we’re having. Many jackets are fashionable, but few will provide the warmth and comfort like this one will. Her mustard yellow hat prevents the vicious wind from hurting her ears. Finally, black Timberlands are a good alternative for the UGGs and riding boots that every girl on campus is sporting on days like these.

While visions of tank tops and shorts are dancing in our heads, it’s unrealistic to think we still won’t have a few chilly mornings. So take a tip from this Fashionista and stay both warm and cute before all the ice melts!

One Simple Change: Once spring is officially here, switch out this heavy coat for a light denim jacket. It’s a piece that can be used throughout the summer and fall as well, so definitely invest in a nice one!