WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Well Miami is finally getting a taste of winter—if only for a few days. This week brought unusually cold days with chilly breezes. Miami’s cold days are often bipolar with freezing temps in the morning and sweltering heat in the afternoon, only to chill down at night. At times like these, it can be incredibly difficult to decide what to wear to be comfortable at all temperatures of the day.

Even though most students on campus opted for big cozy sweaters and thick sweats, this Fashionista layered up to warm up. On top she layered a navy polka-dotted button-up collared blouse with a deep emerald knit sweater to keep warm. Her black skinny jeans kept the silhouette sleek and the color pallet muted. For an added pop of color and shine, she finished off the outfit with glossy ruby loafers. Her accessories were extremely minimal with only a pair of black rimmed glasses, a black book bag, and a patterned tote. As for hair, she kept it out of her face and pinned up in a stylishly messy updo. This Fashionista managed to stay warm while still having a preppy chic look.

Layering for cold weather is the best bet for a winter in Miami. If the day warms up too much, you simply shed a layer or two and carry on about your day. This makes layered outfits more versatile and practical

My favorite part about this outfit has to be the ruby red loafers. These menswear inspired shoes added a bit of personality to this outfit. Also, menswear inspired women’s fashion has been in style recently on the runway as well as on the street. Loafers like these are the perfect way to add a masculine edge to an otherwise feminine outfit.

One Simple Change: After a long day on campus, this outfit can be dressed up for a night out on the town. All you need to do is add a statement necklace for a glamorous edge.