WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

As March is approaching, the cold weather is getting even more severe. Good thing this Fashionista knows how to dress to combat these harsh winter months! She incorporates just the right amount of layers into her outfit to stay warm while being fashionable. Follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps and you will be ready to embark on your journey into the cold in no time!

Her beige chunky knit sweater masters the art of being cozy and chic. It matches perfectly with the socks under her boots and scarf, making this the central color of her trendy look. Her socks are an essential accessory to her boots and keep her feet warm. The patterns in her wool scarf add the ideal pop of color to really make this outfit stand out. To wear a thickset scarf like this, wrap it around once, pull outward on the part wrapped around your neck, then separate the layers in the center of the scarf to make it appear fuller. The white shirt under her sweater adds a stylish element and an extra layer of warmth. Her blue jeggings are comfortable and practical. Her boots match immaculately with the brown in her sweater, socks and scarf. The bohemian design in her boots brings out the details in her scarf to make for an attention-grabbing Aztec look.

One Simple Change: Swap the jeggings for dark brown leather pants for a classier look. Wear this new outfit for a weekend of spending time with family, exploring the city or shopping.