WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

As the cold weather continues to drag on, all I can seem to think about these days is the heat of summer and wishing these winter months would quickly pass. One of my favorite aspects about summer is the way I can dress for the warm weather, including my favorite type of clothing—dresses!

With that being said, I have found this gorgeous Fashionista, who clearly shows how to work a dress into any season with this adorable wool sweater dress! Since it has been so cold around here lately, it is important to make sure you prepare for the freezing temperatures as you are walking to class. This Fashionista has done just that, while also looking cute and effortless.

By layering this patterned wool sweater dress over a long sleeve shirt, she added some extra warmth. She also rolled up her dress to allow that long sleeve shirt to peek out the front of her dress sleeves, which adds a cute flare to her look. She then wore some thick leggings underneath her dress to help keep her warm but also comfortable to walk to class in!

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s look is her choice of shoes. She paired these awesome black, slip-on wedge sandals with a pair of thick gray socks. I just love this unique combination, especially in the dead of winter! This really shows her personal sense of style and how she is not afraid to be a trendsetter. I also love the patterned print on the top of her sweater dress, again adding a unique flare that overall really pulled this Fashionista’s look together.

One Simple Change: Have you lost track out of time doing homework and realized it is almost time to meet up with your girlfriends for a night out? Not a problem; simply throw on a pair of pumps or heeled booties to instantly dress up this adorable sweater dress and you’ll be good to go!