WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

To most college students, there is absolutely nothing worse than hearing your alarm go off to wake you up in the morning. However, I can think of one thing that comes pretty close—checking the weather app to see that it is a chilly five degrees out. Unfortunately, seeing that (or below) is too often an occurrence here at Marist College in the Hudson Valley. Talk about a reason to dread getting out of your warm bed! But this Fashionista is showing us how the bitter cold can be both bearable and fashionable!

This Fashionista chose to fight the cold by layering, which she did impeccably! Over her light green tunic, she put a statement fur vest, which she topped off with a colored leather moto jacket. This is an extremely clever way of adding diversity to an outfit through layers. Plus, she did a really great job of mixing different textures. Fur and leather are two elements that are very strong on the runway right now, and she integrated both trends together perfectly.

One aspect that I also appreciated about this outfit was the color scheme. Her entire outfit revolved around the dark teal of her jacket. The bold color brought out the green furs in her brown fur vest that would otherwise go unnoticed. She then complemented this color further with her light green tunic and navy tote. Blending this combination of colors could go horribly wrong. This Fashionista, however, was lucky enough to find the perfect hues of each color, which matched effortlessly; Monet would be proud.

Follow this Fashionista’s lead, and you won’t be fretting the cold for much longer. Just remember the three essentials—layers, textures and color-blending—and you’ll be good to go (it’s a lot easier than it sounds).

One Simple Change: Swap out the riding boots for a pair of cute heels to get ready for a Girl’s Night Out. Consider adding some sparkly earrings and a set of bangles to give it that extra little touch. The girls and the boys will be noticing your new look!