WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

When it’s cold outside, all I want to do is stay at home, drink hot tea and avoid wearing actual clothes. While I love my neoprene skirt and my leather leggings, when the temperatures are frigid, all I wear is sweatpants (of course, they’re sequined sweatpants but still, you catch my drift). This winter seems like it’s dragging on forever, especially for east Tennessee. That being said, it’s been really difficult to gather enough courage and effort to actually get dressed in the morning. Thanks to this Fashionista, I now have the perfect inspiration to get my out of my winter-style blues.

I spotted this Fashionista walking to class in an amazingly gorgeous and chic ensemble. I immediately loved the way she paired her super cute floral dress with a soft, cloud-like cardigan. The lilac and pink colors played well against the cream of her cardigan. To contrast those pastel colors, this Fashionista wore opaque black tights and boots with silver buckles. Keeping the focus on her floral dress, the rest of her outfit worked to complement that in both color and texture.

As far as accessories go, this Fashionista added pretty gold accents throughout with a studded ring and a dainty necklace. She told me that the necklace was a charm portraying the Aries zodiac sign, which by no coincidence is her own sign. Just like her necklace, though, her outfit was charming and flawless even though the Knoxville weather was cold and windy.

Thanks to this Fashionista, I’m no longer afraid to actually get dressed. Granted, there’s not much winter left here on Rocky Top, but for those occasional cold winter days I’m definitely going to reach for floral and pretty pieces instead of my basic black go-tos. Guess I’ll have to store my sweatpants in the back of my wardrobe now. Don’t worry sweatpants, I still love you!

One Simple Change: If you’re not completely comfortable wearing a dress to class, go ahead and switch the dress for a floral skater skirt and a cute graphic T-shirt to match. You’ll get the floral effect while still maintaining a cool, sophisticated look.