WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Brr! It’s another windy weekday here on Temple’s campus and walking to class is a serious struggle. I mean honestly, as much as I love Philadelphia, it is days like these when I ask myself, “Why did I not apply to school in a warm location?” Sure, it’s easy to just throw on a sweatshirt and leggings, but there are only so many times you can get away with that. It’s Fashionistas like this one that embrace the cold weather and look amazing while doing it.

I was captivated immediately by this Fashionisita’s bold two-toned scarf. The pink and purple really give a little style to her outfit. Nowadays, it is common to see girls wearing infinity scarves around campus, but I love seeing a traditional scarf here and there as well. Underneath her heather gray peacoat, this Fashionista is wearing a thick white sweater to keep her nice and warm. Pretty much any lightly colored sweater would work well with the peacoat.

Blue jeans are adorable with this simple and cozy outfit. I like that these jeans are a light wash because they complement her peacoat very well opposed to a darker shade of blue. Black high socks are adorable with taller boots because you can see the tips of the socks sticking out. Also, thick high socks keep your feet much warmer opposed to lower ones.

One Simple Change: Try switching out the scarf for a simple statement necklace. This is an easy way to turn this cozy day look into a cute outfit for a night out in the city.