WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Getting dressed for winter weather can be complicated, but the solution to tackling the cold doesn’t have to be. Although it may seem hard to bundle up and still look great, there are many ways to dress so that you can stay warm and show off your sense of fashion. After all, who doesn’t love when fashion meets function?

For this Fashionista, taking the leap from cozy to cozy chic required nothing more than a few trendy pieces and durable footwear. She was spotted walking around campus in one of my favorite jackets—the parka. This quintessential olive piece is a practical choice for all seasons. The lightweight fabric is perfect for Florida’s crisp winter and rainy spring. Not to mention that it’s small enough to keep you warm without covering up your outfit entirely.

She creates layers by throwing on a dark wash denim shirt. This classic wardrobe staple is versatile and can be found at a nearby thrift store for a bargain. Continuing with the simplicity of the outfit, she matches the jacket and button-down with black skinny jeans and minimal accessories. The chunky beige scarf is a nice contrast against her neutral pieces and adds an extra layer of warmth. This Fashionista had the right idea in mind when she opted for a pair of brown leather boots with insulated fur instead of your traditional combat style.

Next time you’re too cold to move in the morning, much less put together a stylish outfit, take some advice from this Fashionista. When done right, your favorite pieces can come together for a layered look that is perfect for these chilly months. Remember, there’s nothing fashionable about not being prepared for the weather. No matter how cute your outfit is, if it doesn’t keep you warm, it’s not doing its job.

One Simple Change: When spring rolls around, brighten up a rainy day with a dainty floral dress layered under your neutral parka. This will add dimension to your outfit, as well as keep you dry. Put those winter boots to the back of your closet and substitute them for a pair of rain boots to combat deep puddles.