WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

In case you’re not aware of the weather situation here in New York, I’ll just take this moment to inform you that it’s terrible. Absolutely terrible. We have puddles that could go up to your knees, wind that could possibly fly you to a different continent, icy streets that could be mistaken for ice-skating rinks and slush that is just plain ugly to look at. It’s simply a situation that is making everyone miserable. With all this, how do we manage to get dressed up in the mornings and wear outfits that are warm, comfortable and that we won’t go berserk over if they get ruined by the weather in any way (#SorryShoes)?

During these extremely frigid days, I always aim for simplicity and practicality— especially if I’m only headed to class or to run errands here and there. What I also tend to do to is try to make my outfits cuter and more winter-appropriate by accessorizing with hats, beanies, gloves and pretty much anything I can find to keep the cold out. Sometimes just sticking to good old casual outfits and bundling up are what are best.

This Fashionista understands. Her outfit screams comfort, warmth and coziness. She’s kept her outfit overall monochromatic and has paired simple black leggings with a classic dark blue peacoat which makes her stand out. Her gray snow boots add a more relaxed vibe to the outfit and clearly, don’t fail to keep her feet warm and protected from the mountains of slush that, as you can understand, I dislike immensely. Her backpack adds a unique touch to the outfit, while her fuzzy black earmuffs accent and complete it and prevent her ears from possibly falling off because of the brisk cold. Who could say no to an outfit this cute, comfy and warm in this weather? Not I. You got it, girl. Well done.

One Simple Change: If you’re feeling more inspired and want to take a simple, practical, yet stylish outfit like this up a notch and make it even more appropriate for class, take those snow boots off and instead wear a pair of riding boots. You’ll still be as cute and warm, only now your outfit will look completely different and have a more unique twist to it.