WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s no secret that the Northeast has been getting its fair share of winter weather lately. My internships this semester have given me the opportunity to spend my first ‘real’ winter in New York City. Having never truly experienced snow, I’ve had to quickly learn that sometimes, style must equal sensibility. The streets are filled with slush, the cars are frosted over and the commuters look nothing short of miserable as they trudge through murky piles of gray snow. But these frigid temperatures and inconvenient weather conditions do not mean that fashion has to suffer.

Cold weather brings with it a vast array of ensemble possibilities. Lower temperatures mean a higher number of layers and fun cold weather accessories. With all of these different possibilities, there is anything but a shortage of Fashionistas strutting the frozen sidewalks in their best winter styles. This Fashionista was hanging out with some friends in  the snow lined Washington Square Park.

In a sea of black outerwear, this Fashionista made a bold statement in her royal blue coat. From afar, it looked as if she was wearing two separate pieces. Upon closer inspection,  this two toned coat proved to be an interesting piece. Not only do the contrasting sleeves catch the eye, but the deep texture of the coat is a beautiful aesthetic detail.

This Fashionista “upped the ante” of her winter ensemble by pairing her coat with black tights, leather riding boots, gray fur earmuffs, purple leather gloves and a blue and gray striped scarf that perfectly tied it all together.

One Simple Change: So your Saturday stroll through the park lead into a chilly date night? Ditch the earmuffs and the scarf, and opt for a more feminine look with an embellished head band.