WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

In the winter, we often believe that being cute means you have to be cold, especially when we are dressing up. Our bare legs shout for stockings, and our cutest dresses sit quietly in the back of our closets waiting for warmer days.

But despite the New England weather and snow days, this Fashionista dressed up and rocked a very classy and trendy winter look! She paired knee socks with her black shift dress, a cardigan and black booties, making her look perfect for a night out or a winter event in the cold weather.

Knee socks have been very popular lately, whether it is under boots or with dresses and skirts like this Fashionista is wearing. They are the perfect winter accessory because they are not only warm, but also have a lot of outfit opportunity. You can roll them down, pull them over the knee and find them in all different colors and styles to really make statements or just overall complement your looks. In the case of this Fashionista, her knee socks pull a great focus in her outfit with a slight pop of maroon, and really make her black shift dress more appropriate for winter.

She also adds a two-toned gray cardigan and a pair of booties to her outfit. This makes the outfit even comfier and cuter for winter, but also allows for slight color contrast as the black shoes tie everything together and the cardigan stands out nicely as a neutral. The overall darker palette of her outfit really gives it the wintertime feel and classy vibes.

This Fashionista completes her look with an edgy necklace. It is simple, yet just enough to show off her personal style and add a little something to a very basic and trendy look.

So take some advice from this Fashionista and rock a trendy and dressed up look this winter! Your favorite dresses, when done right, can make an appearance even in the cold weather and be some of your cutest outfits.

One Simple Change: Want to make this look work for the warmer weather of spring? Switch the gray cardigan to something more pastel like mint or lavender, and ditch the knee socks and booties for a cute pair of patterned or colored tights and flats for a trendsetting and weather appropriate look!