WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

What is a Fashionista to do when her college campus is suddenly bombarded with 15 inches of snow overnight? While my personal favorite option would be to hibernate, that is not always the most practical choice. With mandatory attendance policies becoming more and more common, I’m faced with the daily dilemma of how to dress when the snow reaches past my knees and I still have to make my 2:00 p.m. I could whine and wish for the long-gone days of summer, but with all of the energy I spend complaining I might as well put it to good outfit planning use instead.

I spotted this Fashionista rocking the cold weather look outside of the library. She sports a cozy, patterned sweater over top of her black leggings. The colors of the sweater accentuate her dark hair. In addition, she warms up the look with over-the-knee socks in colors that match her sweater. She accessorized her outfit with a gold initial pendant necklace as well as with tall brown boots. The tall boots are practical for the snow and the necklace adds some bling. Her sweater is reminiscent of winter colors and the pattern on her socks mimic the pattern of the sweater.

A key to looking put together even in winter weather is color and pattern matching! It will present the idea that you spent much longer searching for matching pieces than perhaps you did. This is where having an army of dark colors and neutrals comes in handy.

One Simple Change: Switch the leggings for jeans for a casual cold weather date night. The warm sweater is perfect for a movie night!