WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Time to bundle up! As the weather gets cooler and the snow begins to fall, the outfit layers begin to grow and it becomes difficult for a Fashionista to show her style. It can be tough to find stylish boots that keep your toes warm or a coat that won’t overpower your whole look. It is important to remain casual, comfortable and fashionable! So, how do you bundle up correctly so that you don’t overheat when stepping into a classroom or the library? Easy! Layering is the perfect solution for a Fashionista during the winter. You are able to mix and match a plethora of accessories including scarves, vests, sweaters, leg warmers and gloves! Now, you don’t have to wear all of these at once of course, but these are simple additions that can be a complete game changer for your warmth and your look!

This Fashionista rocks a fierce look in all black. This outfit is so simple and easy to recreate! She wears a simple black top paired with her favorite lululemon leggings. She also adds a vest as her top accessory and completes the look by adding J.Crew wool socks with Sorel winter boots. The boot and sock combo are the perfect addition to her outfit because they add a pop of color while keeping her feet warm. This Fashionista takes advantage of the bright snowy day by wearing a pair of Ray-Ban aviators.

This Fashionista makes style look so easy right? You can too! Get out your snow boots and warmest pair of socks, pair it with a simple outfit and your favorite scarf or vest and you are ready to go!

One Simple Change: Gotta go to class? Wear a less bulky pair of snow boots if they are too difficult to walk in!