WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

I think it’s safe to say that everyone is looking for ways to stay warm this winter. While Snowpocalypse Juno hit, it was quite difficult to try to stay fashion forward and warm at the same time. The cold weather can tend to hold people back from expressing their fashion senses, but there are so many ways to show your style in the winter. This Fashionista looks the part while trekking through the heavy snow.

Finally making it out into the cold, this Fashionista decided to not let this weather keep her down. Her dark look made her stand out among the white snow and students in puffy coats. This jacket is simple yet says a lot. Its slight fur look makes it chic and cozy. Blanket scarves are a new trend that have taken over. Her plaid scarf has a pop of color with some white and subtle red stripes. This is a great way to keep your neck nice and toasty. Her gray peppered beanie tops off the look by bringing out the gray lining on her coat. It’s a cute way to make sure you’re extra warm. Finally, her black Hunter boots are an essential for this type of weather. Both practical and cute, they go nicely with her monochromatic look. The classic black socks peaking out the top of her boots are just an extra way to keep her toes super snug. The cold weather tends to make you keep your hands in your pockets, unable to do much. A pair of simple texting gloves is an essential for this kind of weather.

One Simple Change: This outfit is perfect for during the day but if you’re having a girl’s night out you may want to add some flare to the outfit. A red lip is a great way to give this look a little spark!