WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

You can’t help it if the sky opens up and begins to downpour all over your day. You can, however, help how you dress for a day such as this. Add to it the inevitable bite of a stereotypically nippy winter day and you have got yourself a fashion conundrum. There is always the option to save yourself the trouble and slip into rain boots and a sweatshirt, but this Fashionista has found a way to maintain a simple and chic look without having to compromise too much for the weather.

Pairing bulkier items over a dainty top provides warmth while also providing a peek of the style you once had when it wasn’t cold enough to freeze your hair after a shower. That being said, its important to wear enough layers in order to maintain warmth, especially when rain is also a factor. The lace detailing in this top is a much needed break from the utility and sportiness of the rest of the outfit. Black leggings provide a slimming pant choice and are stretchy as to maintain comfort throughout the day. This Fashionista dons a well-worn pair of Converse All-Stars that are sporty and won’t cause heartbreak if a bit of mud gets on them.

Remembering to prepare for any and all weather possibilities is the key way to staying warm during the winter season. Layers, coats, appropriate shoes and comfortable choices are always a must.

One Simple Change: If, by chance, the rain lets up, then by night this outfit could be transformed with a difference of style. By swapping the sneakers for booties and the coat and hoodie combo for a crocheted or bejeweled cardigan, you’re set for a night out.