WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

We Fashionistas over on the East Coast had quite a dramatic week. #SNOWPOCALYPSE 2015 was the talk of the town. Being covered by every major TV network, you couldn’t go anywhere without this massive anticipated blizzard being the topic of every discussion. Excitement filled our campus as we couldn’t help but day dream about being able to forget about our busy schedules for a day, catch up on some much needed sleep and in my case finally finish the fourth season of Gossip Girl on Netflix. Tuesday morning quickly approached and we were faced with the mother of all buzzkills; no cancellations, not even a delay! Although we didn’t get the anticipated eight to 12 inches of snow, most of the campus still looked like a “zombie snowpocalypse” as everyone stared blankly ahead, moaned in disappointment and dragged their feet to class.

This Fashionista’s positive attitude seemed to be a ray of sunshine in a campus full of very cold and depressed students. She looks adorable in her warm, wintery outfit and seemed ready to concur the day without letting the snow get in her way. On a snowy day like this, a pair of snow boots or rain boots are the perfect way to keep your feet dry and toasty as you trek to your classes. Amp up the warmth with a colorful pair of wool socks to break up your basic colored jeans and boots. It’s a struggle nowadays to find a stylish snow jacket without looking like the Michelin Man but this Fashionista does a great job staying warm in the below freezing temperature while still looking feminine and fashion forward. Instead of letting the freezing air and the unexpected scheduled day of classes get to her, she is taking full advantage of the snowy weather with her cute scarf and knit head band. These two super versatile and adorable accessories are a sure fire way to keep the bad weather blues at bay.

One Simple Change: After a hard day of classes, a dinner out with the girls is well deserved. Switching the simple knit head band with a more embellished formal headband and throwing on a red statement lip will take this look from day to night beautifully.