WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

As the temperatures drops, the urge to bundle up in a blanket and hibernate indoors has never been stronger. Although even with these freezing temperatures life goes on— and so must we. As Chicagoans, we are either walking or taking public transportation to get to our destination. Both require a battle up against Jack Frost. The big question that begins to enter fashionable minds: how do I express my style without experiencing hypothermia?

This Fashionisto has uncovered the secret of staying true to his style while keeping warm. The number one resolution to the dilemma would be to rock the layered look. Wearing layers not only keeps you toasty, it can add depth and texture to an outfit. He starts with a grey pull-over hoodie and pairs it with a deep blue zip-up hoodie. He then tops it off with a thick cargo jacket and a waffle textured scarf. He personality and style shines through his large framed glasses. On the bottom half he sports skinny denim jeans and olive colored boots.

One Simple Change: If you’re fighting beyond cold temperatures only to go sit in that one lecture hall that feels like a sauna, it can be quite frustrating. The beauty of layers is that they easily come off and on. Remove a comfortable amount of layers and then you’re set for class. Sometimes I find that the removed layers make great seat cushions during those dragged out lectures. Read to go back out and face the cold? Just slip the layers right back on before heading out the door.