WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

There are many things I love about Manhattanville College. The classes are great, the energy is very chill and you get to watch the sun set every day. Watching the sunset is an amazing sight, especially when it is behind the Castle or even the trees. But during the cold, all you see is an eerie Castle sitting in the snow. And when that sun sets over in the horizon, the cold just becomes more apparent. It is so frigid that you feel like you have to wear a snowsuit, gloves, a scarf and a hat. There are, however, different and more efficiently fashionable ways to trek through the cold weather at school.

The Fashionista knows how to get through the cold weather and look great at the same time. The best way to do this is to layer. She does this by wearing a plum V-neck hiding underneath her cream button-up knit sweater. She sports a pair of navy green cargo pants. I like the way she tucked her pants into her black high-heeled ankle boots. I thought it was a great detail to have in this ensemble. This detail and all the colors she chose to use for her outfit is spectacular. It is the sort of color combination that helps use get through a dreary day. To complete her outfit, she added a black alligator tote bag, which stood out from the rest of her outfit.

I think this Fashionista did a fantastic of job of layering up to travel through the cold.

One Simple Change: If you love this outfit and want to wear it for a presentation, just add a V-neck button-up sweater instead of a crew neck sweater.