WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Welcome to the tundra my friends. At some point this week I know we have all experienced piercing wind smacking into our faces during the hike to that 8:00 a.m. class. During those negative degree days who even wants to think about buttoning up those AG jeans that “must have shrunk in the wash after first semester”. I know I don’t! There is a perfect solution to this fashion crisis that forced us to retire some of our most favorite trendy pieces.

Hello, workout world! It’s easy to spot these fitness Fashionistas on campus by the vibrant soles on their Nike trainers. Fitness fashion has emerged as one of the most popular trends amongst celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. This comfortable and put together style allows you to show off those toned calves that have been over-worked from those long hours at the mall (I mean gym).

This Fashionista is sporting Nike leggings with symmetrical white accentuating lines. This thermal piece is figure flattering and highlights the curves and muscles in her legs. The black leggings act as the staple piece, which allows for more experimentation with fabrics and colors. This Fashionista is wearing a lululemon workout top, which is perfect for layering. The heather gray pattern and dry fit material combine comfort and style. The convenient layer ability of this look can help you stay warm when all you can think about is being in the Arctic.

The Nike sneaker trend has exploded and has acted as the statement piece of almost every workout outfit. This Fashionista’s Barbie bubble gum pink shoes add a pop of color keeping the outfit light and fresh. In this particular occasion neon is not a no-no. Feel free to experiment with your highlighter yellows and Syracuse orange shoes to spice up your outfit.

Don’t be afraid to shed that parka. Rock your workout look that is worthy of showing off, not just sweating in.

One Simple Change: Convince is key when trekking around your college campus in the cold. Wearing workout clothes allows for extreme flexibility (pun intended) in any hectic college Fashionista’s schedule. Throw on any cute pair of boots and warm up with a chai tea latte at the nearest coffee shop and catch up with your other fashion-forward friends.