WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s official, the snowy season is upon us. You wake up in the morning for your eight o’clock class, and look out the window only to see flurries drifting from the sky. With the winter covering campus in a thick blanket of snow, one may fall into a dilemma of function versus fashion. Why choose?

This Fashionista solves this quandary by combining comfort and style to weather the (snow) storm. She creates a semi-monochromatic feel with neutral colors and gives off an off-duty vibe. She layers a black graphic T-shirt beneath a black cardigan and a black puffer coat to add both fun and warmth to her ensemble. Her black leggings make the outfit sleek and flow nicely into her Timberland boots, without worry of dragging her pants on the cold, wet ground as she treks to class. The boots also add an urban touch to the look and prevent her from slipping on the never-ending sidewalks of Penn State.

Her cold weather accessories give her look some edgy flair. The knotted detail on her headband makes this essential piece unique and of course doubles for keeping her ears warm. She also incorporates a taupe knitted infinity scarf that coordinates perfectly with the graphic on her draped T-shirt and adds an extra layer of cuteness to her winter gear.

Take on the blistering cold in a way that will have those around you break a sweat! You’ll never need to sacrifice your style for the snow again.

One Simple Change: Want something less bundled when going to class or a meeting? Swap out the Timberland boots for black booties and sport a leather jacket to lighten the load.