WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Attending school in the Midwest means one thing during the winter months: lots of snow, nose biting temperatures and bracing the tundra on campus for your trek to class. Okay, that may sound a little dramatic, but walking to class in single digit temperatures can be daunting. It can be an obstacle to decide what to wear in order to stay stylish while staying warm. Don’t fret, because this Fashionista has pulled off all three with her ensemble.

This Fashionista’s olive parka makes a statement, but doesn’t give the appearance that she is being completely swallowed. Olive is a great color during the season, as it adds the right amount of sophistication and stands out compared to the usual black, white or gray color palette that is widely used. Her hood, lined with fur, is great at keeping her ears warm while protecting her face from the brutal wind. In order to not be swallowed up in dark colors, she paired a teal sweater with a light gray sequined scarf, which is the perfect way to keep cozy but in a fashionable way. Staying with the contrast of dark to light colors, this Fashionista added a light wash jean. Dressing up this casual look, she tucked her jeans into a pair of stylized light brown combat boots, easy to trudge through the snow. She made her combat boots have a more feminine feel by folding down the sides, exposing the white embroidery detail, one of my favorite touches in this outfit.

This look incorporates many different layers, staying casual yet girly at the same time. Remember that even though you’re trying to stay warm on campus, layering can help you stay toasty while being creative in mixing and matching colors or prints from your very own closet.

One Simple Change: Planning to relax or shop? Swap the light wash blue jeans for a pair of leggings to stay comfortable as well as stylish for your weekend wear.