WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

The city of Madison never ceases to amaze me. There’s something very special about this town and the people that live here. Now that college is back in session, there is a plethora of beautiful people and authentic styles flooding the streets. Madison’s style is somewhat indescribable; it’s something one just has to experience and it’s notably a gem. That being said, grab your hot chocolate, hot green tea with lemon, coffee or what have you because you’ll need it to keep toasty.

As UW-Madison students already know, it is wise to dress double-duty on campus during the winter season. Wisconsin winters always keep me guessing because the weather is so fickle; it could snow on the most beautiful, promising winter day or the city could just completely turn into a frozen tundra. Bundling up and looking fashionable are a thing of the past for Madison students, especially this Fashionista!

This Fashionista sports the perfect cold weather look in pastel. Pastels are perfect for this season, because they’re light, fresh and playful—perfect for the new year! The soft mint pants, gray moto sweater, necklace and beige winter boots really ground this fun polished look. The graphic gray T-shirt tops it all off by adding just the right amount of playful casualness and hipster twist to the outfit. The look doesn’t stop there. This Fashionista even ups the ante with her jacket, opting for one with quilted detailing.

A pop of color, a graphic design and layers really hit home here. This is the perfect look for class, running around town and even for meeting study groups! It’s feminine, crisp and fun.

One Simple Change: Do you love this look, but want added warmth for a casual weekend look? Simply try an oversized cowl neck sweater for an equally charming outfit.