WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Wintertime in Oregon is always a surprise, and it can catch the Fashionista/o off guard. One day, you are in the midst of a non-stop pouring rain, the next day it’s cold, but the sun is sneaking a peak through the clouds. Cold weather means it’s time to whip out your favorite oversized sweater and your favorite accessories to stay warm, but doing so in style.

I happened to catch this Fashionista on a very cold, yet sunny day. This Fashionista did not want to lose her style during this cold weather streak in Oregon. Her look is best described as a bohemian laid back, yet feminine style. She traded her loosely fitting dresses to a loosely fitting sweater, and she nailed this look to perfection. What I love about this outfit is how she paired a simple black maxi dress with an oversized chunky pullover sweater. She chose a black sweater from Free People as a background, so she could add color elsewhere in her outfit.

The simplicity of this outfit is perfect for this Fashionista because, now, she just adds her favorite accessories to complete the look. To complete the outfit, she chose a simple two chain gold necklace and a maroon Neff beanie for a little pop of color, perfect for those cold days. In addition, she added a black leather tote; just the perfect size to fit all of those essentials in, along with a black suede pair of ankle boots from a boho-chic boutique, located in her hometown of Bend, Oregon, called Vanilla Urban Threads.

She can take this outfit almost anywhere, from a casual lunch date to a little bit of shopping with friends or even a night out on the town. It’s warm and stylish combined. It even fits the Oregon weather perfectly.

One Simple Change: Instead of adding a pop of color to the hat, add some color elsewhere as well. For example, match the maxi dress with a textured cardigan, adding pattern to the mix.