WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

While so many people think of Italy with the sun shining down over the Trevi Fountain of Rome or the bright blue waters of the Amalfi Coast, no one seems to think about the brisk weather up north in cities such as Milan. With a view of the snow-capped Swiss Alps and mild temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees, Milan doesn’t have the typical Italian weather you imagine. Most days, my friends and I have been bundled up in layers with scarves, jackets, high socks and boots. This Fashionista shows you the way to brace the cold weather while remaining Milanese chic.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again—layering can save you on a cold winter day. Adding a scarf over your faux fur coat or pulling up socks over your fleece-lined leggings can add texture to a bland, bundled outfit but also keep you cozy and warm. This Fashionista layered a chunky, yet soft charcoal scarf over her gray and black peacoat, that added some more texture into the look. Her black jeans are embellished with zippers at the ankle which peak out of her worn, leather booties. Her booties are essential for walking around the uneven streets of Milan, but also add some diversity into the look with the shiny leather.

This Fashionista keeps her accessories simple with a pair of black sunglasses. However, her brown Coach cross-body bag truly stands out as a dynamic piece because it strays so far away from the otherwise all-black outfit. The cross-body is a must-have travel item, especially to avoid those pick-pocketers abroad!

This Fashionista is comfy, chic and warm. She uses layering to brace the Northern Italy cold and keeps the look interesting with her changes in texture!

One Simple Change: Traveling for the weekend to another city in Europe and need the perfect day to night look? This Fashionista’s outfit is super versatile and can be switched from a great daytime ensemble to a sexy nighttime look. Change out the big coat and scarf for a sleek black leather jacket and a chic black plunge-neck top. Accessorize with a chunky necklace to accentuate your neckline.