WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

The excitement of Christmas and New Year’s Eve may have passed, but the cold weather remainsfor two more months. Two more months of the same old sweaters and layering up simply to get the mail. We’re beginning to fall into the same pattern of outfits: in our sleepy daze, we throw on the first thick sweater we see, slip into our comfiest skinny jeans, twist a scarf around our necks and it’s a good day if we remember to put on lipstick. It’s happening, faster than ever. We’re all slipping intodare I say it?our dreaded, boring semester routine. Fear not, Fashionistas! This trendy gal has a few tricks up her many, many sleeves.

I’m positive you’ve heard it before, but I’m going to reiterate: layering is always, always key. But it’s how you layer that really sets Fashionistas apart. Mixing and mismatching layers can sometimes create the most creative ensembles. Not only did this Fashionista take this advice, I’m pretty sure she is the one who invented it. Her many layers include various textures, all adding to the complex dynamic of this chaotic, yet trend-forward look.

Starting at the base of the outfit, she begins with a classic, oversized navy sweater (bonus comfy points if it’s your boyfriends!). Over that, she layers a black faux fur vest and an off-white, sheep’s wool-blend jacket. Note how her next layers include not one, but two scarves, both with different textures. One is a beautiful dark turquoise, faux fur infinity scarfon it’s own, an interesting and luxurious contrastand the other is a staple in every Fashionista’s wardrobe: a black, chunky knit wrap-around scarf. On bottom, she sticks with classic dark-wash skinnies, cuffed, paired with a unique take on the black leather Chelsea boot. Last, but not at all least, this Fashionista finishes off the look with leather gloves and a worn alligator skin tote. With a touch of marsala lip color, this Fashionista can handle any cold weather this winter throws at her. And if you follow her advice, so can you.

One Simple Change: Do you hate the cold weather, but your friends ask you to go with them for a night out? Swap your light-colored, structured jacket for something darker, with a more feminine shape. Ditch your tote and transfer as much as you can into a crossbody and you’ll be ready to hit the town.