WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Snow is everywhere in Syracuse. It is time to enjoy the white Earth and hot beverages, like my love for hot chocolate. What do you like to wear for the winter? Winter is not a monotonous season, it is not the season for an all-black look. Put other colors on you to try to be creative and warm at the same time.

This Fashionista’s oversized wool coat caught my eyes first. She chose olive, and this color is rarely seen in Syracuse especially during winter. She is wearing a cream roll-neck sweater underneath. It not only helps her block the wind, but also matches her fedora hat. Many fashion icons wear fedora hats during the fall and winter seasons. This hat gives this Fashionista more character and makes her looks sharper.

Since she already has a colorful top, she wears black leggings and black leather boots to keep her bottom look simple. Her black suede fringe bag matches with the bottom half of her look. It gives her a Western cowboy style, but also fits into the cold weather in the Northeast. Although it is winter right now, do not forget to block the sunshine. A pair of special sunglasses will be a good tool while giving you and your friends some fashion topics to talk about.

No matter what color of coat you have, try something other than Canada Goose and The North Face. A wool coat will keep you warm and give you the most style.

One Simple Change: If you have a presentation that day, wear a pencil skirt under the sweater. This simple change will make you look more professional.