WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s been a fun-filled, hot chocolate ridden, cozy holiday season, but reality has officially set in. Now that syllabus week is over, the real fun begins with a heaping pile of assignments. And despite the lack of holiday glitz and glam, inexcusable brick weather continues to persist here in Chestnut Hill, making that walk to class across campus feel miles long.

What’s a Fashionista to do? Staying comfortable is a preference, staying warm is a must but staying styled is a necessity. And being that it’s technically the first official week of classes, every Fashionista and Fashionisto knows that a fierce and fashionable first impression means everything.

This week’s Fashionista clearly has all three priorities in check: she’s comfier and cozier than ever in a pair of lululemon athletica leggings and chestnut UGG boots, and her personal fashion sense is able to shine through as she sports a fun beige cardigan. In these leggings, UGGs and a basic V-neck tee, our Fashionista knows she can afford to add some pizzazz to the ensemble through means of her funky sweater. Subtle touches to the cardigan include corduroy elbow patches and braided sleeves that follow through subtly to the front of the piece. The back of the cardigan remains simply stitched, allowing some relief for the outfit from the cool sleeves. While such an outfit can be so simple to create, it looks entirely put together and appropriately trendy so as to give off that elusive Fashionista vibe we all strive to achieve. The best part is that she can easily swap out her cardigan for a different one, leaving the rest of the outfit the same, and create an equally adorable ensemble.

One Simple Change: Swap out the casual UGGs for a nice pair of ballet flats or leather boots, and you’ll be ready for a dinner date!