WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s 8:30 a.m. and your phone says that it’s negative 10 degrees outside. You shiver at the thought of having to walk all the way across campus to make it for your first class of the day. Here at Purdue, this seems to have become a morning routine for many.

On your walk to class, or should I say mild jog, you may come across some ridiculously brave souls who have decided it is acceptable to wear shorts and a sweatshirt in these below freezing temperatures. As you turn the corner you do a double take because you think you have just seen an abominable snowman. Have no fear! It’s just a student who has decided to wear every article of clothing in their closet.

This cold weather expert knows how to dress appropriately for her trek through the tundra (also known as Purdue). She says her staple item for the winter is faux fur. “It’s warm and makes me look luxurious,” she stated. The simplicity of her hunter green parka allows her to have some fun with accessories, and the waistband allows this Fashionista to maintain her curves. Winter boots are must have during the winter season, and her black Sorel boots with fur on top continue the theme of luxury while also completing the task of keeping her toes warm on her way to class. Finally, her faux fur scarf, or what I like to call a blanket for your neck, ties the outfit together without making the Fashionista look over-the-top.

Though the faux fur look may not be up your alley, and you would rather for opt for something simpler, I cannot attest enough to the importance of investing in high quality winter apparel that can withhold the winters to come. Although winter may not be your favorite season of the year, it most definitely has arrived and does not seem to be going anywhere soon. The key to finding pieces that will last you several winters is to buy basic colors with simple shapes. That way, it is less likely for your purchases to go out of style. I have come to find that as a native Minnesotan, I have an incredible appreciation for people who manage to dress well in the winter.

Please, I beg of you, dress appropriately for the weather and, while you are at it, have some fun. Cold weather means: fun hats, chunky scarves and big boots. Embrace it! Try to stand out in the crowd, just as this Fashionista managed to do. It’s always better to be remembered than to be forgotten.

One Simple Change: You walk into your class to find that the heat is on high. About five minutes into the class you realize that all of your heavy clothes really do trap in all of the heat. Try wearing a simple sweater or blouse. This way you have the option to keep a fun scarf on or, if the room is too hot, you can simply take it off.