WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

As the new semester commences and we all head back to campus following the holidays, Fordham Rams alike cannot help but notice the chilly temperatures that have settled in to stay. The adjustment into a new semester can be hectic for college students and stepping out into the nasty, cold weather to trudge across campus is usually not a feeling met with open arms. Don’t let the dreary weather get you down. Find some winter style inspiration and meld it into your wardrobe to leave fellow students envious of your everyday ensemble.

This Fashionsta has some tips for us on how to dress to impress on even the chilliest of days. Her neutral coat immediately grabbed my attention as I saw her hustling across campus in an attempt to keep up with her busy back-to-school routine. Winter white always offers a chic option to dress up any outfit. The length of the coat is key for cold weather, seeing as it provides optimal warmth. This Fashionista knows how to keep herself even warmer by layering up with her preppy button-down and knit top combo. Her beautiful black boots and gray skinny jeans offer a fitting contrast to her coat. The suede accents on her leather boots provide an attractive juxtaposition. This Fashionista is able to further contrast her look with the stripes on her knit. The white stripes perfectly complement the color of her coat.

Knowing how to dress fashionably for cold weather is undoubtedly an accomplished skill. Let this Fashionista’s crisp and layered look be your inspiration for the next day full of winter winds.

One Simple Change: Coming back to campus after a lengthy and relaxing break is an awesome time to catch up with school friends, go shopping in SoHo, head to a movie or get dinner at your favorite restaurant. If your schedule is filled from morning to evening, incorporate this Fashionista’s look into a day to night ensemble. Swap the button-down and knit top for a subtle, yet trendy sweater to complete your outfit.