WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Yes, it has just hit -20 degrees Celsius here in Montreal. Going to class (or going anywhere, really) has officially become the dread of every McGillian. Most of us manage to hide in the warmth of our bed until the very last moment, leaving just enough time throw on the thickest coat we can find, sweatpants and some heavy-duty shoes before we are halfway to class in ankle-deep snow trying to remember if we had brushed our teeth this morning.

Therefore, when I bumped into this Fashionista this morning—my nose was about to freeze over and fall right off, and my feet were just about to call it quits—I was truly impressed. Her stylish use of winter colors made her stand out from the sea of students in Canada Gooses. She wore a camel coat that complemented her hair color. A gigantic scarf draped in front of her rocks two different patterns, adding texture to the look. Her Timberland winter boots were both cute and functional at the same time. While the grip on the bottom is great for trudging on the icy campus, they also echo her coat perfectly. She carried a flattering messenger bag that was super spacious and good for carrying a laptop or textbooks when going to classes. The boxy shape of the bag contrasted with the femininity of the rest of her outfit. Its deep wine color matched the deep red on her scarf faintly showing through. It added a touch of personality while unifying the entire look.

This Fashionista demonstrated for us how to balance fashion with comfort on a normal day to class. With ideas like these in mind, we can all loosen our braids and say, “The cold never bothered me anyway.”

One Simple Change: Getting ready for a slightly more formal occasion like an internship? Simply switch up the Timberlands for a pair of black, over the knee boots for a less casual look.