WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s finally here: winter. Being from Michigan, cold weather is something my fellow University of Michigan students and I have to deal with and dress accordingly for the rest of the semester. As beautiful and charming the first couple snowfalls may be, walking to class and around town in snowy, cold weather can be challenging and miserable. However, you don’t have to opt for the shapeless, puffy and boring winter jacket to stay warm.

I caught this Fashionista walking to class, and as her outfit demonstrates, a warm winter coat does not have to be characterless or lackluster. This tweed coat from Calvin Klein has a thick liner for extra warmth. The fabric of the coat allows for style versatility since she can easily dress the coat up or wear it casually, as she does in this photo. To cover as much skin as possible, she pairs a black infinity scarf, a color-adding burgundy beanie, knee-high black socks, black leather boots and a black leather handbag for a chic and toasty look. Layers are key for warmth, so dress as this Fashionista did in her stylish coat to brave the dreaded winter weather.

One Simple Change: The black and white jacket is perfect for date nights or a night on the town with friends. The shape and color of the jacket can easily be dressed up with a heeled bootie or accessorized with funky jewelry. Having a single statement piece, such as this jacket and dressing around it makes for a minimalistic yet trendy look.