WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

As the weather gets progressively colder, don’t be afraid to adapt your closet to the new conditions! Winter is a season to show off how good you are at layering, mixing and matching clothing. Don’t be afraid to wear your spring dress with leggings, knee-high socks or pants!

This Fashionista sports a retro long-sleeved sailor dress, similar to this dress. This is one of her favorite purchases from her native China. She wears this dress with charcoal colored denim. This allows her dress to go from fall weather to winter weather. Her look perfectly combines retro elements with layering. This Fashionista is trendy while still maintaining her warmth!

Her UGGs also add an element of color to her outfit. Their simple embroidery adds another aspect to her outfit without overwhelming it. This Fashionista chose to roll over her UGGs, showing the fur lining. This is a popular trend that adds texture and flare to any outfit.

She tops her look off with a colorful pink peacoat lined with fur, similar to this coat. This pop of color adds to her outfit and makes her bleak winter day a little brighter! This Fashionista perfectly matched her jacket with the color of her hair! Her pink streaks are another trend she displays in her look.

Model this Fashionista when you dress for cold weather! Don’t forget you can still be fashionable while also being layered. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles, colors and patterns!

One Simple Change: This Fashionista could wear dark gray or black sweater tights instead of denim. These tights would still add warmth while transforming her outfit from day to night.