WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Although the state of New Jersey is known as the garden state, our winters have the tendency to be brutally frigid and snowy. Therefore, New Jerseyans bundle up for the cold and await the return of summer down by the Jersey shore. However, the cold weather does have its perks. It gives us all an excuse to cozy up by the fire with our favorite magazine. It’s the season for us to break out our favorite jacket and hat to go conquer the cold. So, if you have to trek to class in these frigid temperatures, what should you be wearing?

This Fashionista values the importance of an elegant look while staying warm during the winter months. Her belted peacoat is a fashion staple that emanates class. The belt on the chic coat accents her waistline. When compared to a down jacket, her coat enhances the ensemble rather than solely functioning as a source of warmth.

When we wear hats during the winter, we all become victims of hat hair. You might wake up having an amazing hair day, but once you place a beanie on your head, that all comes to an end. Although this Fashionista’s beanie is totally rad, she will surely succumb to the villiany of hat hair. Therefore, a knit headscarf is a better option because it allows you to stay warm, while not diminishing the style of your lovely locks.  Although this Fashionista is playing it safe with her timeless peacoat, she takes a risks with her black combat boots. This Fashionista embraces the beauty in simplistic details and utilizes them to manifest a cohesive ensemble.

Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista and your look will surely keep you warm with some closet must-haves, while allowing you to embrace your individualism. In fact, these fashion staples will not only help you survive the frigid winter months, but they will also act as a vital addition to your wardrobe.

One Simple Change: Heading over to the library after class? Swap out the jeans for a pair of comfortable leggings, which are perfect for the hours of studying that lie ahead.