WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

When I spotted this Fashionista strolling through the main campus, I knew she had mastered the art of bundling up, staying warm AND looking cute at the same time, no easy task. I can attest to that from experience, and I am sure most of you out there can as well. You are either a toasty marshmallow or you are fashionably freezing; there is no happy medium.

However, this Fashionista nailed it. She is wearing a well insulated military parka with a fur-trimmed hood, a thick waffle knit scarf, a beanie pulled over her ears, booties and of course a long sleeve flannel and classic black leggings. All of these elements help pull off this perfect harmony of warm and fashionable. The military parka is a very popular style jacket right now. The best part being that they often come insulated to keep you warm without looking puffy. The fur-trimmed hood is great to pop over your head to keep the bitter wind away from your face. Her scarf and beanie, while being perfect accessories for this outfit, are also very practical because they are both thick enough to keep her neck and head warm! The flannel and leggings she is wearing in this outfit are spot-on because she can take her coat off if she goes inside and she will still look weather appropriate and fashionable.

Boots are a must during cold weather and perfect with everything! She has chosen an adorable pair of low heeled, brown leather boots and paired them with a cute pair of socks that barely peep out the top. This outfit is perfect for walking around campus in the cold to going window shopping with the girls on a chilly Saturday.

One Simple Change: If you love this outfit and just can not get it out of your head, come fall you can easily just leave out the “warm” accessories and you will have the perfect fall outfit!