WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s that wonderful time here in the Midwest where the temperature highs are reaching a whopping three-degrees. Here’s the kicker: we still have to carry about our normal daily activities like walking to class. However, don’t give up on dressing like a Fashionista today and resorting to the drab “I hate this weather and I don’t care how I look” look.

Before you decide to give up, check out what this Fashionista is wearing that keeps her looking “cool” without being too cool. (That was my attempt at a pun and being funny. I hope somewhere you are humoring me with at least a tiny chuckle.) The first layer she is wearing is a plain white cotton turtleneck. This keeps it comfy and cozy, as well cute, under a black, asymmetrical wool-blend coat with faux leather details.

One of the many beautiful gifts fashion has given us is felt hats. They keep us looking chic and warm at the same time. You can see how this Fashionista has incorporated her black felt fedora into her outfit. The black hat being at the literal top of her outfit helps balance with the black of her coat, cross-body bag, shoes and fingerless mittens. To add some color to the outfit, she tied a plaid flannel around her waist. Not only does this add an extra layer for warmth, but it also helps to have something to put on over her plain white turtleneck. This way, whenever she gets inside at wherever she is going, she can stay toasty without having to keep on her coat.

So there you are, a stylish and versatile look that also keeps you nice and warm. Hopefully this Fashionista helped show you how not to let the bitter cold put you in a fashion slump!

One Simple Change: To transform this outfit from day to night, you can simply replace the casual look of the jeans and flannel. Exchange these with fleece-lined leggings and/or tights and throw a flirty skater skirt over top.