WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Now that winter is in full force all across the country, it is truly time to bundle up. Sometimes people think that that means throwing on a sweatshirt and sweatpants. For whatever reason, people do not put as much effort into their winter outfits as any other season. Believe it or not, winter outfits can be just as unique and fun.

This Fashionista exhibits how easy it is to put together an outfit that is fun but still warm for whatever activities she may be doing throughout the day. She wears a plaid flannel with bright colors, which keeps her warm and shows her personality. A bright pink puffer vest adds another layer of warmth and style. The vest she wears shows that she wants to stand out among the dreary days that occur during this time of year. Then, she wears simple dark-wash jeans to accentuate the simplicity and comfort of her outfit when she is out running errands in the cold. Since it does not get too cold here in Tennessee, she finishes off the look with sparkly black flats that are comfortable but give a little shine to the outfit.

Just because it is colder outside, does not mean that one’s fashion sense should also go cold. It is time for people to wear lots of layers to shield themselves from the cold, but not with boring clothes. Do as this Fashionista does and the winter season will be much more lively.

One Simple Change: Want to amp up this look for a girl’s night out? No problem! Instead of the flannel and flats, replace them with a sparkly blouse and a pair of pumps. The vest will dress down the look, but will not be too casual for nighttime activities.