WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It seems that the beginning of spring semester is always the coldest. And I don’t know about you, but I find dressing for freezing temperatures to be rather challenging. You want to look stylish but keep warm at the same time. Of course layering is always the quick and easy solution. This week’s Fashionista found an adorable outfit that is perfect for around campus even in the cold weather.

The highlight of this Fashionista’s look is definitely her poncho. It’s super cool and detailed and I have actually found a few similar ones here and there this season. A poncho is simple to layer and can look great with the right outfit. I love the way the Fashionista wears hers and you can definitely go for a similar look. My personal favorite one is the Natural Lightweight Stripe Open Poncho from Urban Outfitters. It even has pockets! I would recommend wearing your poncho with a pair of dark jeans and boots. Boots are always the best shoe choice for winter weather. You can either go with riding boots as this Fashionista has done or a pair of ankle boots, another excellent option. Ankle boots are pretty much the shoe of the season.

You may be wondering what to pair with your poncho. I admire the fact that the Fashionista has chosen to wear a patterned shirt with hers. This adds a bit of personality and a unique spin to her look. You can do that as well or go with a solid colored sweater to not only match a detailed poncho, but to keep extra warm as well.

One Simple Change: Not only does spring semester bring cold weather, but it also brings back presentation for classes. Surprisingly, this look can easily be turned into the perfect presentation look. Just trade in the poncho for a blazer and you will be ready and looking professional in no time.