WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

With blizzards conquering cities throughout the nation, Hampton, Virginia is fortunate enough to say that we’ve barely had snow. However, one thing that we can relate to is the freezing cold temperatures.Though many seem to ignore the frigid forecast, there are others that are taking precautions. Layering is the best trend for staying warm while remaining fashionable. Fashionista/os who are looking to stay warm and trendy are layering their ensembles for winter 2015.

There is nothing worse than sacrificing being warm for a cute outfit. Talk about uncomfortable. I ran into one Fashionista who completely agreed this with notion. She sported a heavily layered ensemble with a white collared shirt, flannel and a denim jacket lined with fleece on the inside. Her bottoms were a thick pair of blue leggings that matched her flannel shirt. On her feet, she sported a pair of Timberland boots. For a creative touch, she accessorized with just one earring, a long necklace and an Aztec printed purse.

The layering trend is all about staying warm, comfortable and trendy. When attempting to adopt this look, don’t hesitate to try new things. Layering may look effortless, but it can actually be quite a challenge. The best way to go about this look is to pair pieces that are the same color. Secondly, find an accent color to make your ensemble pop. If you have two consistently solid colors throughout your ensemble, you have captured the essence of layering.

One Simple Change: Sometimes when we dress for the cold outdoors, our attire may be uncomfortable in the warm indoors. For class, feel free to take off your top layer to accommodate the change of temperature.