WHAT TO WEAR: Classroom Casual

February 6th, 2017 at 2:10am

Second semester is in full swing here on the Hilltop. Everyone is officially settled in, and it’s safe to say that brushing the cob webs off of our backpacks and figuring out all the nooks and crannies that define our new daily schedules are part of the past.

At this point, the wrath of persisting winter weather and desires to be comfortable, yet look presentable during classes, have taken center stage. There is an unspoken understanding around campus that motivations to dress our best every day in the classroom, have fully surpassed their peaks.

For college students who attend school on the East Coast, this struggle is nothing new. However, this doesn’t mean we’ve accepted defeat. Many times already this semester, I’ve witnessed and appreciated a solution that transforms the vision of classroom couture, and alters it to one of classroom casual.

When done right, there are so many ways to wear a flattering, feel-good outfit while accomplishing comfortability. This Fashionista offers a simple, feminine, and cozy look, that is perfectly realistic for any class time or personal style.

I stand by the belief that owning a pair of black everyday leggings, as well as a staple pair of black booties, goes a long way when it comes to a wardrobe’s lifespan. I mean, talk about a dynamic duo! Don’t have cotton leggings? No worries, wear a pair of activewear ones instead! No one will know the difference. Also, to kick this look up a notch, add a cardigan sweater for layering over a classic T-shirt.

On top of this, a helpful way to showcase delicate and timeless jewels you own would be by putting a headband in your hair, like this Fashionista did. This gives off an effortless vibe, adding to the simple beauty that makes classroom casual so great, while highlighting your face and jewelry. A simple step like this also allows you to worry less about perfecting a hairdo that will last all day. One less thing off your plate!

With classroom casual, all college Fashionista/o’s can achieve a comfortable and stylish everyday look that can take on all gloomy, cold weather and a college kid’s time sensitive schedule. When the excitement of syllabus week has died down, this happy medium solution has got you covered!