Everyone, the struggle is so real; I do not think you all understand how hard it is to find stylish individuals in this 34,000-student sea of…well, you know, sweatpants and oversized T-shirts. I mean, I get it. Sometimes getting to the coffee shop and making it to your 10:00 am class by 10:10 am is where your priorities may lie some mornings. But you have to admit, your confidence level is on an intense high on those mornings when you actually dress up to go to class!

This Fashionista did not even have to try hard to stand out in this particular sea, and I love how she kept it simple. She wore a school teacher button-up shirt in a bright blue color. I have a secret obsession with menswear-inspired button-up shirts! Seriously, I feel as if you can wear those shirts in so many different ways. For bottoms, she wore some navy denim pants. If I was not an adidas fan before, I am now; this Fashionista has me sold on her all-white high-top sneakers. In a way, her shoes reminded me of the new Yeezys that just dropped on Valentine’s Day. These are definitely a pair of shoes I want in my closet! She accessorizes her ensemble with a silver choker necklace, a bracelet from Hawaii and a grunge-looking, oversized backpack.

One Simple Change: After classes, you and a few girlfriends may decide you want to go to dinner at a nice restaurant. I would ditch the pants for a pair of black tights, switch out the sneakers for some navy blue flats, the choker for a gold chain and add a gold watch. You should also throw your hair in a high bun and bless those lips with some red lipstick. Ta-da, you’re all set!