Usually we all wake up at the last possible second for class in the morning, but this shouldn’t stop you from looking your best. Getting dressed shouldn’t take more than five minutes if you know your wardrobe well. Find basic pieces that go with everything so you can throw them on when you are in a rush.

Jeans and leggings are perfect basics for class, because they match everything and feel like heaven. If you want to look more dressed up, wear a sweater or blouse with it instead of a T-shirt. This Fashionista’s makeup perfects the outfit. If you have an extra second, try a bold lipstick. This will make you look more energetic and add a pop of color.

If you throw on a few accessories, it will look like you tried in the morning even if you didn’t! Fill your wardrobe with neutral-colored scarves, which are perfect for winter. This Fashionista is wearing a fun infinity scarf that makes her outfit unique. She also has neutral-colored jewelry that matches any outfit. She looks very put together, but she will also be comfortable sitting in class.

A downside to living in Pittsburgh is the artic frigid weather we have to endure while walking to class every day. Boots are a necessity, since it seems to snow all the time. Stick to thick materials and winter accessories to keep you warm. If you know there is a lot of walking in your day, wear an extra pair of leggings or leggings under your jeans. This sounds weird, but it makes a huge difference!

One Simple Change: Are you motivated enough to workout in between classes? Wear leggings to class and throw a pair of sneakers in your bag. Jewelry and scarves are easy to take off and put back on for your next class.